Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama Set to Release "Cyber Security Plan"

The White House is about to announce it Cyber Security plan. Which, in essence, allows the Government to regulate private businesses. Not only will this be an enormous cost to the private sector, but it will be completely useless. Although, I can see a bunch of consulting firms really lucking out on this one. (Remember SOX anyone? GLBA? HIPPA?). The only people benefiting from this are owners of consulting firms. Let's review the Government's track record on security from the last few years:

Cyberspies Steal Fighter Jet Info From Pentagon

Infected pen drive led to US cyber breach

Hackers Break Into Top Government Research Lab,2933,315941,00.html


It's clear our government has its own problems to deal with. Leave the private sector alone please.

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C. S. said...

Very astute observation. I put little faith in the government's ability to do anything more than screw up perfectly functioning 'things.'