Thursday, August 24, 2006

Internal Network Security Trends

This was an interesting article I came across today. I feel like I have been yelling about "aggressive patch management" and stricter access control for mobile employees for 5 years now. Enjoy:

Don’t Forget About Network Security Inside Your Perimeter

High-profile network security breaches have been headline news these last few months, and the face of network crime is becoming more ominous with the mass theft of sensitive personnel information. The boundaries of the network are also changing. According to Forrester Research, “Remote Access and Business Partner connectivity means the [network] perimeter is disappearing.”

Michael Rothschild, director of marketing for CounterStorm (, developer of the CounterStorm-1 internal network security solution, sees hacking shifting in the past 48 months from the simple defacing of Web sites to the theft of corporate data. He also sees the perpetrators of such cyber attacks shifting from career hackers to organized crime.

Turning Your Security Focus Inside Your Network Perimeter

So many organizations focus their network security on perimeter defenses such as firewalls and intrusion detection, but they also need to focus inside their network perimeter.

CounterStorm’s Rothschild says that beyond the basic security measures of deploying firewalls and antivirus software is the need to establish aggressive patching strategies for both server and client PCs.

Rothschild also emphasizes being diligent about establishing and enforcing internal IT policies for network access. He says, “Mobile workers, road warriors, and home office workers need policies to govern how they access your corporate network.”

Steve O’Brian, vice president of product management and marketing for Granite Edge Networks (, developers of the Granite Edge ESP appliance-based internal network security solution, says, “Small to midsized enterprises have to support and manage many of the same business processes and IT needs as large enterprises but struggle with efficiencies due to limited staff and budget. In order for IT to overcome these efficiency battles and
become enablers for enhancing business performance and overall competitive advantage, data center/IT managers need to focus on deploying low-support solutions that improve core business operations.”

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