Saturday, August 12, 2006

3 Year Old Girl At John Wayne Airport Might Be Hezbollah

Our airline security is so worthless. I was coming back from a trip to Dallas this week and saw a little three year old girl exiting the extended security search area of the TSA. She could barely walk, but she was putting her shoes back on. This is just getting silly. Is she a terrorist?

Isn't it time to institute the national ID card? Isn't there any better way to control who is on the airplane? At least let us frequent business travelers have a easy-pass lane or something.

And let's think a little beyond airports . . . isn't any area where lot of people congregate a target? How are you going to control that? Any Football game, or better yet, Baseball, the American Tradition. You could sneak the bomb past security in an apple pie for insult.

With so much technology in the security arena available to us, can't we find a better way? C'mon President Bush! Israel has airplanes, they don't seem to have any airport trouble. But now I can't have toothpaste? Sweet, I can't wait until the next guy falls asleep on my shoulder who has been flying for 5 hours, and hasn't brushed his teeth in days.

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